Finally, a better way to get health insurance

Finding your way through the health insurance marketplace is a chore. With Catch, if you need an individual plan, you can enroll and get the tax credits you deserve.
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We knew it could be better.
So we made it happen.

A free and easy way to compare plans, chat with agents, and enroll in the health insurance you need.

More choices

Compare plans and coverage to decide what makes the most sense for you and your family

Better prices

Get the tax credits and subsidies you qualify for to save on premiums and medical care

Modern experience

Talk with licensed agents if you have a question about how to choose a plan

Every Plan.
Plenty of Guidance.

Catch health insurance agents are paid on salary, meaning they don't make a commission for pushing you into pricey plans. Their only incentive is to get you the right plan, right away. We offer the same plans on the Federal Marketplace, which cover all Essential Health Benefits.

Every dollar of savings you qualify for.

More than 87% of people who use the individual marketplace qualify for subsidies and tax credits, meaning you can save big on your monthly premium and the cost of care. You'll never wonder if there was a better price for your plan.

End-to-end enrollment
made simple.

Sometimes it feels like a long process to get health insurance. Catch offers a streamlined process so that you can breeze get through your enrollment in less time. And when you're through, all of your plan details will be right in your Catch app.

New baby? Big raise?
We’ve got you covered.

After you've enrolled, Catch helps with all those other things that makes managing benefits hard. We can help with any life changes that have come your way.

And everything
works together.

Catch users also have access to all of our other benefits: automated tax withholding, saving for time off, retirement investments, and more. You won't need employer-sponsored benefits any more. You can set up and manage exactly what you need. All in one place.

We’ve got even more on the way

Getting health insurance is just the first step

Part of the family

Get the benefits you need most, then get back
to living your life. We’ve got you covered.

Tax Withholding

Set aside what you'll owe for state and federal taxes


Put a part of each paycheck in an investment account for future you


Make one-click withholding and easier alternative to monthly spreadsheets


Learn about what products make the most sense for you and your family


Keep your family close by linking people to your benefits


Store all the information about your policies in one place

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Your safety net is waiting

Get the benefits you deserve, then get back to living your life.