The free way to set
aside for taxes

Preparing for taxes when you’re self-employed or an independent contractor can be tough. Set aside part of each paycheck so you’re ready for Tax Day.
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You hate having to remember taxes.

A simple way to set aside just what you need each time you get paid without thinking about it.
Quick estimates

A few basic questions and we can tell you how much federal and state tax you’ll owe

Automatic saving

Any time you get paid, from anyone, we’ll follow your rules and set aside for tax time


A separate account to make sure your tax money stays put for taxes

With you wherever
you are

Every paycheck.
Any day. Any amount.

You don’t always get paid the same amount on a regular schedule from the same sources. No matter who’s paying you, we can tag the right income as 1099 and pull out the funds for taxes. Three small payments this week? One big one a couple weeks later? No problem. We’ll make sure the right amount comes out every time.

Keep your taxes away from temptation.

By withholding your taxes to your Catch account, you won't have to try to remember how much in your bank is for you and how much is for Uncle Sam. Of course, it's your money to withdraw when you need it, but holding it away from your cash can help keep it safe for Tax Day.

Your life changes.
So does Catch.

You have a child. You move. Your income changes. You go full-time freelance (or full-time employee). These changes can impact how much you should be setting aside for taxes -- if any at all! Let us know of any life changes, and we automatically tell you how to adjust your tax withholding. No forms. No trips to the accountant.

Set up Autopilot and rest easy.

After you've set it up, Catch helps with all those other things that makes managing benefits hard. We can help with any life changes that have come your way.

And everything
works together.

Catch users also have access to all of our other benefits: automated retirement plans, time off savings, health insurance, and more. You won't need employer-sponsored benefits any more. You can set up and manage exactly what you need. All in one place.

Part of the family

Get the benefits you need most, then get back
to living your life. We’ve got you covered.
Health Insurance
Every plan, now easier, quicker, and
Put a part of each paycheck in an investment account for future you
Make one-click withholding and easier alternative to monthly spreadsheets
Learn about what products make the most sense for you and your family
Keep your family close by linking people to your benefits
Store all the information about your policies in one place

Security & Privacy

We go above and beyond to make sure you're protected– whether it be your money, your data, or anything else.
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