Automate your tax withholding.

With each paycheck, set aside what you’ll owe for state and federal taxes. Freelancers, contractors, and 1099ers can rest easy knowing they’re set with Uncle Sam.
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An easy estimate

Catch will give you an estimate of how much of your income should be set aside for your taxes

Automated withholding

Catch automatically saves a percentage each time you get paid, no matter how much or how often.

Use your benefits

Your money sits in an FDIC-insured account and when it’s time to pay, you can transfer with just a tap.

Confirm your rate

We'll recommend what you should set aside for federal and state taxes

Link your bank

We use the account where you earn income to see when you get paid

Withhold for taxes

You'll be able to set aside a portion of each paycheck for taxes

Peace of mind in the
palm of your hand.

Get the benefits you need most, then get back
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