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Taxes, retirement, and health insurance for the self employed

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Why do I need benefits?

When you earn money from a gig, you're paid as an Independent Contractor through a 1099 Form. This means you get to work when and how you want; it also means you're responsible for setting aside for taxes and choosing your own retirement and health insurance plans.

Bringing it all together

Taxes, retirement, health insurance and more — built to work together like they always should have.

Build your plan

Use our custom recommendations to get the benefits you need most. We'll tell you about what coverage you need whether you work for yourself, a boss, or many bosses at once.

Set aside automatically

When you get paid, Catch will confirm your benefits plan and put money away for your taxes, time off and retirement.

Get health insurance

Find and compare plans available in your area. Apply for tax credits and subsidies that you may qualify for. Finally, enroll in a plan that makes sense for you and your family.

Use your benefits

Tax Withholding, Time Off, or Retirement will be in one place and ready to be used. You’ll see your savings grow the more you work and use the platform. Over time, we’ll offer suggestions and let you prepare for your future while you focus on the rest of your life.

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