Benefits for NCCA Members

Pro tip: Add a savings goal to your benefits plan and get a $25 savings boost when you save $100.
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Benefits for NCCA Members

Set aside for taxes. Invest for retirement. Get health insurance. Everything in one place.
Pro tip: Add a savings goal to your benefits plan and get a $25 savings boost when you save $100.
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What is Catch?

Catch is a personal benefits platform that puts you in the driver's seat. From free tax withholding to health insurance, you get to pick and manage your benefits yourself regardless of where you work.


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Complete coverage

Custom plans with the benefits you need most. Your new safety net, all in one place.
Time Off

If you’re looking for a vacation or trying to prepare for unexpected bumps, you can save a part of each paycheck automatically towards time in the future when you need it most.

Tax Withholding

Preparing for taxes when you’re self-employed or an independent contractor can be tough. Catch lets you set aside part of each paycheck so you’re ready for Tax Day.

Health Insurance

Finding your way through the health insurance marketplace is a chore. With Catch, if you need an individual plan, you can enroll and get the tax credits you deserve.

Smart paycheck withholding

Each time you’re paid, Catch sets a percentage aside for your benefits.

Approve each transfer yourself, or put your plan on Autopilot.

Adjust as you go

Add new benefits, change your withholding rate, or transfer funds back to your bank in seconds.

Expert advice

Whether it’s a marriage, a move, or a slow season, we’ve got your back with personalized recommendations no matter what happens.


Save for benefits without lifting a finger
Custom Rules

Auto-withhold from paychecks or filter out deposits that aren’t income. Piece of cake.

All of Your Income

Automatically tagged, recognizable deposits. Hundreds of sources updated all the time.

Optional Delays

Set Autopilot to process instantly or wait a few hours — whichever you prefer.


Get comprehensive reports about your income and savings.

Free to use

Get your safety net of benefits squared away for free. Here’s what to expect from Catch.
Unlimited savings

Automatically set aside with free unlimited saving categories.

Paycheck Monitoring

Ditch the spreadsheets. Withhold from each paycheck with a single tap.

Health Insurance

A free and easy way to 
compare plans and enroll 
in health insurance.


A personalized guide to help you level up your safety net at your own pace.


Already covered? Save your info and never go hunting for your insurance card again.

Live Support

Have any questions? Chat with someone on the Catch team.

Plan add-ons like Auto Withholding start at just $1 /mo

Our Promise

All personal info is fully-encrypted and
 never sold under any circumstances.
More on trust and security
Bank-grade digital security
Support from licensed professionals
Dedicated, insured accounts

Your safety net is waiting

Get the benefits you deserve, then get back to living your life.