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If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.
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April 2, 2020

Should I get tested?

If you are experiencing symptoms and are interested in being tested for COVID-19, you can check your symptoms on the CDC Self-Checker or the Apple/CDC Screening Tool.

Although supplies are increasing, getting a test may still be difficult. You can call your state or local health department, or a medical provider. The CDC suggests that the following people may not need to be tested.

  • People who have a mild illness and are able to recover at home
  • People where a positive test would not change their care and who are able to isolate at home (because there is no cure, this is the recommended treatment for most people)
  • People whose diagnosis wouldn't impact others (ie you SHOULD get tested if you live with a healthcare professional or other essential worker)

Keep in mind these are just guidelines. As tests become more available, consider searching for a local drive testing center.

How much will it cost?

Testing is critical to help manage the outbreak of COVID-19. While the declared public health emergency is in effect, recent legislation requires that testing be covered free of charge, including the cost of copays by anyone with the following health coverage:

  • Employer-sponsored health plans
  • ACA Individual Plans (that's all state and federal marketplace plans, like those you find on Catch)
  • Medicare & Medicaid
  • Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  • TRICARE & Veteran’s Affairs
  • Federal Worker Health Plans
  • Indian Health Services

COVID-19 Screening Tool
Apple & CDC
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