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Catch has sincerely helped me learn about saving and budgeting without having to hire a financial planner ...  This legitimately reduces a lot of stress for me.

Corey Ciresi
Hair Stylist & Owner

Portland, OR
We just finished building our studio and using Catch the way I use it, we were able to pay cash for it! Catch is a big reason for that.
Dylan Wilkinson
In the past it has been a nightmare trying to nail down health insurance going between W2 jobs. I decided to use Catch to enroll in health insurance because the user experience throughout the Catch platform is amazing.
Kate Weatherly
Sales & Marketing
Cleveland, oh
I use Catch because it makes it so easy to set aside money for taxes as a freelancer. I don’t have to think about it, it just works. It’s really solved one of the toughest problems I’ve always had as a freelancer.
Justin Mabee
Freelance Web Designer
Philadelphia, PA
As I transitioned out of my day job into freelancing & building I was looking for an easy way to set aside money for taxes. I have found Catch to be the perfect tool for just that.
Eli Atkins
Designer & Co-Founder
Las Vegas, NV
Being self employed is a financial roller coaster but I absolutely love it and can't imagine going back to working a job. What's one Catch feature I couldn't live without? Honestly, I couldn't live without the entire app.
Abigail Valletta
Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher
I use Catch to automatically contribute to my retirement, taxes, time-off, family leave, and more all without thinking about it. It's awesome. I also used Catch to enroll in health insurance.
Kate Weatherly
Sales & Marketing
Cleveland, oh
I use Catch to automate savings through event-based settings. I withhold taxes, time off (recovering workaholic, here), retirement savings, and now health expenses.
Elizabeth Wallace
Freelance Writer
Nashville, TN

Smart paycheck withholding

Each time you’re paid, Catch sets a percentage aside for your benefits.

Approve each transfer yourself, or put your plan on Autopilot.

Adjust as you go

Add new benefits, change your withholding rate, or transfer funds back to your bank in seconds.

Expert advice

Whether it’s a marriage, a move, or a slow season, we’ve got your back with personalized recommendations no matter what happens.

Get your safety net squared away for free.

Unlimited savings

Automatically set aside with free unlimited saving categories.


Ditch the spreadsheets. Withhold from each paycheck with a single tap.

Health & Dental

A free and easy way to 
compare plans and enroll 
in health insurance.


A personalized guide to help you level up your safety net at your own pace.

Extras like Autopilot start at just $1 /mo

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All personal info is fully-encrypted and
 never sold under any circumstances.
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